Skin care products for super dry skin kids from @themomsco

Natural Soothing Relief Range from @themomsco

It’s India’s 1st Natural Solution for Very Dry, Sensitive, Eczema prone skin.

Did you know that 1 in 5 children have very dry, sensitive & eczema-prone skin? Most moms don’t know about it!

The range includes a Natural Soothing Relief Wash and Lotion- .


✅Cleanse with Natural Soothing Relief Wash

A creamy coconut-based cleanser that gently cleans without irritating skin. Clinically tested to soothe sensitive skin with 1% Colloidal Oatmeal, Organic Aloe Vera & Calendula Oil. .

✅Moisturize with Natural Soothing Relief Lotion

It protects, intensely moisturizes and soothes sensitive skin.

1% Colloidal Oatmeal, Organic Aloe Vera & Calendula Oil work together for clinically proven 24 HOURS MOISTURIZATION and to relieve itching and discomfort of eczema .

Some more descriptions about them .- .

☺️The range is meant for everyday use for people/babies with Very Dry, Sensitive & Eczema prone skin.


☺️ 1 in 5 babies have very dry, sensitive eczema prone skin.


☺️Three Star Ingredients – Colloidal Oatmeal Protects, Calendula Oil Soothes and Organic Aloe Vera Gel Moisturizes .


☺️Clinically tested to keep skin moisturized for 24 hrs.

. *Regime* –

1. Take 1-2 pumps of Natural Soothing Relief Wash in your palms, rub and apply on baby’s body.

2. Rinse Clean and pat dry with a towel.

3. Apply the Natural Soothing Relief Lotion all over baby’s skin and face, within 3 minutes to lock in the moisture and keep baby’s skin soft.


P.s- refer to my today’s story to know about my personal experience with @themomsco new range

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Mom of 2 year old

Two year olds aren’t maniacal. They’re magical. ✨

Sure, they may test your patience by deciding to take their diaper off and pee on the living room floor, or insist on throwing a tantrum while you’re trying to rush through Big Bazzar to “grab a few things”—but they don’t mean to.

Quite the opposite. They want to make you happy; to give and receive love unconditionally. But they are experiencing so many new emotions and are doing their best to navigate these waters.

They’re learning and growing and making mistakes and becoming tiny humans.

I get frustrated sometimes. Mama is only human. But I aspire to always remind myself that my 2-year-old bundle of love is not trying to intentionally frustrate me. She is not trying to push my buttons.

She is trying to show me who she is.

And at the same time, she’s reminding me every day that the toddler years—especially two!—are a magical time in our lives.

And what a refreshing feeling that is!

Being silly with your two-year-old can immediately transport you back in time with one loud burp, followed by happy, deep belly laughs. The harder you laugh, the harder your two-year-old laughs. And what’s better than laughing about farts and burps and boogers? Not much, mama, not much .



I know many of us can’t able to Exercise or take out some Quality time but do you know that? .

Before having kids, how much did you exercise your imagination muscles? Probably not nearly as much as you do now!.

. .


Toddler mom confession

Today I want to confess something –

I was a hyper- paranoid , not allowing Arya to eat outside food , food with more sugar , food with more salt , chocolates , toffees , whenever we go outside and if anyone offer her anything I simple snatching from her hand and not allowing her to eat those so called tasty snacks 😂.

Was believing in only giving khichadi, Dalia , idli , fruits , vegetables like healthy kind of home cooked food . I sit on her plan also and if she doesn’t like anything I have been shoving it down her throat so she got used to it . .



Few days ago what I realised that finishing her meals doesn’t give her some feeling of satisfaction or happiness and sometimes she even hate what I cook for her , then around I week ago I have decided to give whatever she demands, whatever she likes , No more rules now 😁. .

I know most of us believe in giving only healthy food to our kids but following this rule everyday and everytime is not necessary . Isn’t?


Guys how many of you believe that this generation moms are very strict about kids meal due to which most of toddler hates food? .

Only changes we can make is wait till they demand for food and before cooking every meal ask them again and again what they wants to eat ? Trust me your half problem will be sorted .

Happy parenting ! .


Himalya babycare range for summers

Everyone loves summers, but you’ve got to be extra careful when it comes to your baby’s sensitive skin. And choosing right product for the skin during summers is very necessary as we know in winters we can apply as much oil/ lotion as we want but during summer we need to be careful about the products and ensure that the product, both hydrates and cools the skin. 


I recently found the perfect skin care products for my daughter’s bath and post bath routine which are from @himalaya.babycare. As we all know Himalaya is a trusted brand and this is one of the reason why I choose their summer care products for Arya.Moreover, these products are free from harmful ingredients such as SLS/SLES/ALES, phthalate, paraben, alcohol, artificial color/dye, mineral oil, and animal-derived ingredients, etc..


The products which I’m using on Arya currently are:


1. Himalaya Refreshing Baby Wash: Ideal for summers and is infused with the goodness of Watermelon and Neem which helps refresh her skin and protect the skin from infections.

2. Soothing Calamine Baby Lotion – This is perfect for skin rashes and itching due to prickly heat. Infused with the goodness of Aloe Vera, helps accelerate the healing of baby’s skin, and Calamine helps soothes skin rashes. 

3. Himalaya Prickly Heat Baby Powder – The goodness ofNeem and Vetiver in the powder helps cool baby’s skin, relieve itching and soothes the skin

4. Himalaya Refreshing Baby Soap – I sometimes use the soap as a substitute to wash. The goodness of Watermelon in the soap helps keep the skin fresh and cool, and Neem helps protect baby’s skin.


So, guys don’t forget checkout these product for your toddler from @himalayababycare


Breast feeding journey –

My BF journey was very tough unlike other moms, so let me share it with all of you guys .

I remember the time when everyone was criticising me for not being able to feed Arya when she was born .

I had a C-Section due to which doctor handed me my baby girl Arya after 24 hours and asked me to feed her, but to my surprise I was not able to do that.

Gosh!! yes I was not able to feed her due to many reason. Firstly, first time mom with zero personal or theoretical experiences and nobody was able to understand my problem at that time.

The only question doctors, nurses , family members kept on asking was that why you’re not able to feed the baby and these lines were giving me a serious meltdown .

Each and every new nurse or doctor that entered in my room kept on asking me why you’re not feeding her, also giving their advices to do this or that .

Only few were Symphathetic most were criticising only , I remember the lines I heard that time (are humne to hamare bache ko hote he dudh pila lia t ye Pila he nai pa rhi), OMG after listening to these lines my heart was crying , as we all know at that time every new mom needs extra love , pamper and attention but this new mom was only getting criticism.

Even one doctor said that “isne pahele b dard Ni saha , now also she don’t want bear any pain”, basically I had c-section because I was not able to bear labor pain.

Who are you to judge me , but story doesn’t end here my struggle had just started .

I was in hospital for a week because of c-section and Arya had also got admitted In nursery due to Jaundice.

So arya was taken to the nursery and was on top feed but nurses again and again kept on coming to my room asking me to take breast milk with the help of syringes , and in their own funny yet painful ways kept on experimenting on me .

Trust me guys I was in so much pain at that time yet no one was understanding me and I was going through these unbearable pains when nurses were using syringes for suctions but I was not giving up , my breast had swollen due to syringes and my eyes were swollen because of incessant crying.

After every 3 hours nurses took me to the nursery to meet my daughter who was admitted there , and everytime I met her I felt like why god is doing this with me , while other mothers were feeding their child I was not able to do so.

My pain was getting worse because I was in pain emotionally and physically but still I didn’t give up .

Every time I met Arya I used syringes to suck some milk for her , but this process was not at all easy nor comfortable, Arya kept on crying because I was not to meet her milk requirements by this process which by the way was very painful as well.

So this process kept on going for next 4/5 days and I went into depression due to this but still didn’t give up .

Then the Doctors discharged me , but Arya was in hospital only due to Jaundice .

I reached home feeling incomplete without my baby but trying to find out some solution for how I can feed my daughter.

So after lots of research I came to know that I’m having flat nipple problem and due to that Arya is not able to drink milk but then I did more research regarding what I can do now, then I came across silicon artificial nippes but now the main issue was to how should I ask someone to buy this for me because I was at my in-laws and my husband was not with me at that time due to some urgent unavoidable circumstances , so I was managing everything almost all alone .

So after giving it a lot of thought I courageously asked my MIL to tell my FIL to bring this for me but as luck would have it that shield was not available on local stores .

Next day morning Arya came back from hospital and at that moment I decided to feed my baby in any condition so again I started using syringes and tears kept on rolling out of my eyes but I was not giving up .

Then after few hours I got a good news from my FIL that finally after a lot of effort he found what I wanted, god sent silicon nipple shield. And as soon as I received it , I started using it and my daughter started drinking milk .

That moment I felt as if Mountains had been lifted of my shoulders and I was literally feeling relaxed , and then we used it for next 3 month until we got comfortable.

But still ladies didn’t stop criticising, now another level of criticism was that i should stop using it else she will get used to it and then she won’t be able to drink milk without it .

But I’m glad that our BF journey was getting smoother day by day .

So far my bf journey was not so easy and comfortable but I didn’t give up and now I have been feeding her from last 2 years .

Initially she was exclusively bf till 6 month and from 6- 22 month Solid+ bf (no top feed) then from last 1 month I started top feed , but now she is completely weaned in just 2 days .

But still I get emotional when I sleep with her and she is sleeping without BF.

It’s too hard to accept this change!!